Starlightslk Site Updates List

09/01/2014 - Art Show!

Several of my pieces are featured in Hub Comics "In The Name of the Moon" Sailor Moon Art Show! I went to the Opening Reception on August 30th & the pieces will be up through the end of the month at Hub Comics in Somerville, MA so check it out!

09/01/2014 - Site Updates!

I did some basic updating including adding some pictures to my portfolio.

03/06/2014 - Site Updates!

I have added a new link picture for my Cospix profile in my Links. I have also updated the video section with a new Katsucon 2014 CMV!

12/01/2013 - Cospix Profile!

I have a profile on the new cosplay site: Cospix! Check it out! ^_^

11/21/2013 - Some Quick Updates!

I did some quick updates to my schedule including Bakuretsucon 2014 & the Madoka Movie 3 event in Boston. I also added some minor updates to some various text on the main page.

09/23/2013 - New Videos, New Links & Some Updates!

- Added 2 new videos to my Video section in Media
- Updated the Schedule tab with my current schedule
- Updated my Bio in the About tab
- Updated my Booking Information in the About tab
- Added a section under Booking for Cosplay Music Videos
- Updated the Links tab: fixed broken links & added some affiliate links

I added some new affiliate links because I was recently laid off and my hope is that they might help offset some of my cosplay expenses with most providing discounts or bonuses to those that make use of them. I've listed what each does and how they help both you & I in the links section itself. I did try to find ones that have bonus for both of us, that are for goods/services I already use for cosplay, & that directly help offset my cosplay expenses since my costumes/cosplay is why (I'm guessing) you're on my site in the 1st place! ^_~♥

Side Note: I've also been working on updating my store with items from my collection because of that as well. All profits from my store go directly to my bills which directly or indirectly go towards my cosplay expenses.

P.S. Right now (due to my layoff) for costume/cosplay making it's a lot playing the game of "what do I have on hand that I can make use of for a costume" and finishing mostly complete/in-progress ones that I have all/99% of the materials on hand including wig/contacts/etc...since the moment I got laid-off my working budget for cosplay went to $0.

Also I'm still waiting for pictures from DragonCon & I have more updates on the way as well as new costumes! So look forward to it!

07/12/2013 - New Background & Some Updates!

I've added a new background picture of me as
Magical Girl, Mami Tomoe (Madoka Magica), this photo was taken by the fantastic Shocktress!

I've finally added a Section and Costume Button for Navaar (Star Trek: Enterprise) in the Costume Section and I also updated the link for the BeatDownBoggie Really Long Dragon*con 2011 Video in the Media Section since that particular video is no longer hosted on YouTube.

07/09/2013 - New Pictures Posted

I just got the pictures from the photo-shoot I did with
Nate Buchman Photography on a beach in NH on 06/21/13 of my Magical Girl, Mami Tomoe (Madoka Magica) cosplay and I updated my costume page with them. Plus I finally added the pictures I got back from Blanko Photography of my truly wonderful Madoka Magica group at Katsucon 2013. ♥ Enjoy! ♥

06/21/2013 - New Costume Sections Posted

I just created two new Costume Section pages for: Comics,TV, & Movies, this one is pretty self explanatory, & Original Designs by Shocktress, for all the original design costumes that are designed by Sephygoth for myself. ♥

06/20/2013 - New Costume Posted

I just created a new costume page for: Navaar (Star Trek: Enterprise)! This costume makes me officially a 2nd generation Star Trek costumer. XP
♥ Enjoy! ♥


NOTE: These are direct-links to the costume page, I as of now do not have a page or linking button in my costumes section since it requires making a new page entirely. I also still have yet to add my costumes from PAX East 2013, no you didn't miss anything, I'm just working backwards to catch-up on the list of updates I need to make to this site.

04/29/2013 - Added Booking Information to my About Section!

03/19/2013 - New Background!
I've added a new background picture of me as Minako Aino (Sailor Moon StarS), this photo was taken by the wonderful EminanceRain at Katsucon 2013!

02/26/2013 - Lots of Updates Post-Katsucon
I've updated my conventions list as well as started the updates from Katsucon. It will probably take a little while to get all the new updates to information completed & new pictures added. I've started with the videos, next I'll be moving onto the new cosplay updates I have thus far, and then I will update with the new pictures for existing cosplays!

01/09/2013 - Updated Conventions and Events.
I added the Madoka Magica Movie Screening in Cambridge, Ma (Boston Screening) to the Events List as well as updating my 2013 Convention List.

12/31/2012 - New Cosplay Posted
I just created a new costume page for: Kalamity (Original Design by Shocktress)! The costume was designed and created for me by Shocktress to match Katastrophia. ♥ Enjoy! ♥

12/14/2012 - Updated Website Media Page

11/08/2012 - New Cosplay Posted
I just created a new costume page for my freshly finished cosplay: Midnight Bliss L. Raptor / Lord Raptor / Zabel Zarock (Darkstalkers)! ♥ Enjoy! ♥

11/07/2012 - Bakuretsucon & Link Updated
I leave for Bakuretsucon tomorrow & I'm greatly looking forward to it! Look for my tumblr post to see the cosplays that I'll be bringing. I'll also be trying to live update via Twitter & Instagram (since this cooperates better than in picture posting interfaces for Tumblr & Twitter) if I can while there.

I updated my Instagram link since they just released a web-interface.

10/31/2012 - New Cosplay Posted
Happy Halloween!
I just created a new costume page for my new Morrigan costume since I just got back some of my Morrigan (Darkstalkers) photo-shoot pictures from Dragon*con! Just in time for Halloween I might add! ♥ Enjoy! ♥

10/20/2012 - New Pictures from Dragon*con Posted
I just got back some of my Magical Girl, Mami Tomoe (Madoka Magica) photo-shoot pictures from Dragon*con and I updated my costume page with them. ♥ Enjoy! ♥

10/17/2012 - This Weekend: Madoka Magica Movies 1 & 2 Double Feature Screening in NYC
I'm very excited that I was able to obtain tickets for the Sunday (10/21/2012) screening of The Madoka Magica Movie in NYC and I'll be trekking down to NYC with Sephygoth this weekend for the showing! Luckily I was able to purchase tickets right when they went on sale since they sold out so fast.

In case it wasn't already obvious, I'll be attending the screening in cosplay as Magical Girl, Mami Tomoe (Madoka Magica). ♥

10/07/2012 - New Website Feature on Moon Kaleidoscope
I just got featured for my cosplay of Usagi's disguise as a Cool Grown-up Musician from ep6 on Moon Kaleidoscope Presented by Moon Fairy, a German/English Sailor Moon blog! Check it out!

09/08/2012 - I'm made it into ACP's Madoka Magica Contest's Final Round!
Hi Everyone! Thank-you all so much!!!

I was shocked when I checked ACP this morning, and I still can't believe I actually won first place for my Mami cosplay in the individual character contest! I know this is totally lame but I got a little misty eyed when I saw the outcome! It really means a lot to me! Thank-you everyone for all the reblogs, likes, and wonderful comments I was really touched by the outpouring of support for my cosplay! ♥♥♥

Congratulations to all the other winners as well! There were so many amazing costumes and I'm truly honored to have been the top pic for Mami!

Since I made it to the final grand-prize round here's the link: Final Round Voting. I would be honored if you would once again consider giving me your vote but please vote for your favorite since everyone is amazing! ♥

09/02/2012 - I'm in ACP's Madoka Magica Contest!
Hi Everyone!

I entered ACP's Madoka Magica contest with my Mami Tomoe cosplay! It's super exciting, although I doubt I'll win anything since I never do but it's still pretty nifty that I actually have a cosplay for a contest they're running. So, if any of you lovely people would consider giving me a vote, I would be very honored!

This was a deceptively difficult and involved cosplay and I worked very hard on it from beginning to end. I started this project back in June of last year and I finished it just in time for Katsucon this year. It was a fantastic learning experience and I even had to figure out how to make a corset just for it since this was the first corset I've ever made.

Here's the link to the voting page for Mami, I'm Starlightslk on there as well! :D

Thank-you so much for your time and consideration! ♥♥♥

- Main Site Goes live!
- Media Pages are live
- All Anime/Manga/Japanese Video Game Costume pages are live
- Most Fashion/Original Costume pages are live
- All of the other Costume pages are still being created

- Beta Site Goes live!