Variant: Main Outfit (Advent Children)
Main Outfit (Kingdom Hearts 2)
Alt Outfit (Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy)

When I played FF7, I fell in love with it; and greatly due to the scene where Cloud's memory is pieced back together I wanted to cosplay Tifa.

She is so strong yet caring and cheerful; she believes in Cloud and gives him the benefit of the doubt no matter what. I felt a strong connection to Tifa as I played through the game, so it only makes sense. Also now having seen Advent Children, it only makes me want to cosplay her even more.

I had already made her game version when I decided to make this cosplay but also chose to make her AC version since it's a bit more winter con friendly, and it's also a ton more comfy.

Basic Info

  • Completed: February 2006
  • Debut: Katsucon 2006
  • Difficulty: Normal
  • Time Spent: 20 hours
  • Estimated Cost: $90 (approx.)
  • Materials Used: Linen Look-alike, cotton, Ribbon, Faux-Leather, Lycra-Spandex


  • ♥~Black Top~♥
  • The black top is made from stretch faux-leather material with a real metal silver colored zipper and I drafted the pattern for it so that it would fit properly.

  • ♥~White Undershirt~♥
  • The white undershirt is a Lycra-spandex tank-top.

  • ♥~Bottoms~♥
  • The shorts are made from a cotton-blend complete with a functional fly and two loops at the bottom of each leg for the ribbons. I initially made the ribbons on the bottom of the shorts out of the same fabric as the shorts but later switched it out for some nice 2" black double-face satin ribbon.

    The butt-cape, which is attached to the pants is made from a coarse weave linen-lookalike fabric which was doubled over since it was a little too see-through otherwise, it looked just like the texture in the reference pictures. I completely patterned it from scratch and the bottom part of it is box-pleated which gives it just the right look.


  • ♥~Apron~♥
  • Made from the same material as the butt-cape, I also drafted the pattern for this, and once I realized that it was based on a waitress's apron the pockets in the front made sense. I used a small silver buckle for the side since that was what it looked like it was in the reference pictures and 6 giant buttons that I hand-sewed onto the front.

  • ♥~Earrings~♥
  • I hand made the earrings at a local bead/jewelry store, they are sterling silver.

  • ♥~Pink Ribbon~♥
  • The pink ribbon is ¼"wide Swiss double-faced satin ribbon in a dusty rose that was fray-checked.

  • ♥~Gloves~♥
  • The gloves are just simple black leather gloves.

  • ♥~Shoes~♥
  • Basic knock-off chuck's that have been re-laced with 1½" gross-grain ribbon that was fray-checked.



  • ♥~Wig~♥
  • I had to re-part the wig since it came with a center part. I had to change it to a side part which I did by heat training the fibers.

  • Brand: Beverly Johnson
  • Style: Jazzelle
  • Color: 2
  • Styling Time: 30 minutes (approx.)


Katsucon 2010: Photos taken by Mesoian, Popecerebus & Sephygoth